What we’ve done

  1. Aftercare forum members attend event in Sheffield about the new care leavers strategywp_20160215_004
  2. CIC Council help to develop a new early help project for children and young people with emotional health issuesWP_20160204_001
  3. Mark compares our Children in Care Celebration evening 2016IMG_9621
  4. Education issues from the CIC CouncilWP_20151008_004
  5. Members of the Children in Care Council attend a regional event with other CIC Councils from across the North WestWP_20150905_001
  6. CIC Council working on an overnight stays policy for children in careOvernight stays flowchart
  7. Member of the Aftercare forum is in charge of a team meeting on Children’s Commissioner Takeover DayIMG_4634
  8. The CIC Council did a project designing happy postcards for the GIFT projectIMG_4494
  9. Our experience of schoolSchool
  10. The new council did some art to think about what needs changingTree
  11. The annual CIC questionnaire has been sent out with a new rights leaflet, adverts for CIC Council and Children’s Rights Service and advert for the children’s commissioners survey. 2014 u18 x 120
  12. The new Children in Care Council met for the first time. They did some work on what is good and needs improving in Trafford and filled in the Children’s Commissioners survey of children and young people in care, the first in Trafford to do this!
  13. The aftercare group have come up with a mind map of issues for young people leaving care….Leaving care
  14. We held our Children in Care Celebration evening in November. We had performances from young people in care including music and drama. We had guest speakers who had been in care in Trafford and beyond and who told the current children and young people in care that they could achieve their dreams. The stars of the show were of course the children and young people nominated for awards. They had excelled at school, in sports, in drama and more….. Congratulations to all the winners and keep it up! Also a big thank you to Manchester United for the freebies!
  15. New care leavers drop in leaflet
  16. Care Leavers Health Drop InGroup member Doug finishes his apprenticeship with Trafford Children’s Rights
  17. IMG_1516Camping trip with the Trafford Youth Cabinet
  18. IMG_1320Open evening 2014
  19. IMG_1176Foster care questionnaire
  20. 10256881_10154129951980562_5943461305823515324_oNew advert
  21. Youth Advocay - Side 1 201014 draftOur things to change in care mind map
  22. CIC MindnodeResidential 2013
  23. 988413_10153585660285562_573053558_nAnnual questionnaire 2013
  24. Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 09.21.37Trip to London for conference
  25. 737613_262366997225389_1317860819_oNewsletter

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