2014 u18 x 120Your chance to have a say through consultations and questionnaires…

  • Our last questionnaire was sent out in January 2015. Our next one will be in October/November 2016
  • Your chance to tell the Children’s Commissioner what it’s like in care in Trafford.. Click here and enter code BWC009. You have until January 31st 2015
  • Residential care until 21? In May 2014 it became law for local authorities to support care leavers to be able to ‘stay put’ with their former foster carer until they are 21. There has been a lot of talk about making sure that the same thing can happen for children who are living in children’s homes. There are four suggested models for how staying put could be extended for children in children’s homes, and we want to know what children and young people think about them.Fill in the survey here



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